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Ms. Womzie
"Hi Ms. China.  Kevin, Samuel and Jenny, would you three mind telling me exactly how this incident happened?" 

"Well, we wanted to race and we didn't want to wait until you two got home.  We feared that Mickey had a disadvantage, from being old, so I invited Jenny to ride Jewel with me and add some extra weight.  Since I asked her, she thought it was okay.  We'll we we're racing, Samuel lost his balance and fell off."

Ms. Womzie
"Well that was dumb.  Your grounded from riding for two weeks."

*nods, sadly*

Ms. Womzie
Samuel, I hope you've already learned your lesson from you injury."


Ms. Womzie

Mr. Whites
"Jenny, just because the big kid say it's okay doesn't mean it is.  No riding for two days."

*sadly*  "Okay."