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Room Description
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:32:53 pm »
Dallas's room had a very cabin-like feel to it.

When you walk in, straight ahead of you is a wardrobe built into the room that stretches from one side to the other.
To your left is a giant book cases, going from the floor to the ceiling.  Between the book cases was what appears to be a big cupboard.  It had a sliding door and when opened, it revealed a small seating that Dallas could relax and curl up in.
To your right, a desk decorated with candles was settled in front of a giant window.
To the side of the window is a king size bed.  The sheets, pillow cases, and duvets are white.  There's a soft blanket at the bottom of the bed.  At the end, there's a cushioned bench.

If there's anymore information, it will be added.

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