Author Topic: Am I An Impostor?  (Read 20 times)


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Am I An Impostor?
« on: January 22, 2018, 10:43:10 am »
*bring out every toy I ever got from my Daddy, and look at them*

.homemade wooden Zoo animals (Christmas, age: 7)
.a homemade wooden horse stable (Christmas, age: 6)
.filled with homemade wooden horses (Christmas, age: 4)
.a homemade wooden hundred acre woods (Christmas, age: 5)
.homemade wooden Winnie the Pooh characters (Christmas, age: 3)
.a homemade wooden rocking horse (Christmas, age: 2)
.Daddy's childhood baseball bat, baseball, and baseball glove
.Daddy's childhood toy tool set
.Daddy's childhood Lincoln logs
.Daddy's childhood legos
.Daddy's childhood battling tops game
.Daddy's childhood Janga game

I look down the stuffed Pooh in my arms, who is oddly my only toy Daddy ever gave me that wasn't for Christmas, homemade, or used to belong to him as a kid. Wonder if it's odd that Pooh's the toy that I have to carry around all of the time, but then wonder if's it's because he's cuddly, and all of the other toys he gave me were hard. I sit on my rocking horse, and rock back a fourth, with my feet on the ground, wishing that I hadn't gotten too big for it. Get up and go get out everything else I owned before coming to Ms. China's house.

.an A.A. Milne World of Pooh book
.a hairbrush
.four second hand store t-shirts
.one second hand store pair of girl jeans
.two second hand store pairs of boy jeans
.one second hand store pair of girl tennis shoes
.one second hand store boy jacket
.one pair of gloves
.four pairs of underwear
.one pillow
.two second hand store blankets
.some plastic toys and stuffed animals that other kids gave me for birthdays

I notice that I still have everything I owned, before coming to Ms. China's house, except for my air mattress and toothbrush. I change into a pair of jeans, a shirt, and the shoes I had before coming here. They still fit, but they are not big on me like they were then, because I had recently got them and Daddy would buy me oversize clothes and then wait until they were tight on me to replace them.

I remember when I first came here, and everything was so weird. The food was different. Instead of just taking off my jeans before bed, I had to change into pajamas, and then sleep on a different mattress with a different feel, in my very own bedroom. I had to wear different clothes, and eat different food, and go places in a car. I got to play with, and ride horses, which was awesome. There was a backyard, and it had a stable and paddocks, a playground, and a pool. I had a swimsuit to wear in the pool instead of a t-shirt. We I read or watch books and movies without going to the library first, and I had more toys to play with. I haven't heard the load sounds, of Daddy working with his tools down in his shop, for a long time.

I sit on my two small rocking horse. I think about how I've been here for months, but I never got completely used to it. I I may be living like one, but I known I'm not a rich kid.
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