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Re: Morning Coffee
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Marcello looks at Jackson and smiles.

  "Of course, you can!"

The man finished making the last few pancakes, making some extras in case someone wanted a snack.  After turning off the stove, he looks over to Dallas.

  "Hey, Dallas - "

Marcello paused.  He saw Dallas scoffing his face, filling his cheeks as if he were a chipmunk as a bit of syrup slowly began to drop out of his mouth.  As Dallas was about to shove another fork load in his mouth, he stopped.  The two of them stared at each other, making no noise and no movement.  That was until Marcello broke down laughing.  The man held his stomach as he slowly crouched to the ground, laughing his head off.

  "Oh my gosh, that was priceless."  He took a moment, laughing, before he could get up.  "Make sure, you don't choke, okay?  That wouldn't be good."

He straightened himself up before continuing.  Marcello tried to make sure he was at least a bit more professional.

  "Anyway, once your finished, how about you help me clean up, ay, kid?"

Dallas took a moment, he hadn't moved the whole time.  He chewed a bit more before nodding.  This moment broke Marcello, again, and he went back down laughing.